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Developing PACE

The National PACE Association has created the PACE Expansion Initiative to work with health care providers and other interested organizations to consider, create and operate a PACE program.

The Initiative has identified distinct phases organizations go through from the time they first learn about the PACE model until they begin to care for their first PACE participant. The association has developed resources to help organizations learn more about the PACE program, better understand how PACE would fit in their organization, and successfully develop an operational program.”

The PACE Expansion Initiative has developed information, models and resource tools to help guide providers through the process of developing a PACE program. These resources enable providers to:

  1. Better Understand the PACE model of care
  2. Assess how PACE fits into the needs of your community and the future of your organization.
  3. Develop a business plan and the organizational capacity to develop a PACE program.
  4. Learn to operate a PACE program.
  5. Have access to the state-of-the-art practices drawn from the experience of PACE providers nationally.

In addition to providing assistance to organizations interested in creating PACE programs, the Initiative is raising awareness of PACE and developing a core resource set for successfully operating a PACE program.

The National PACE Association has received grant funding from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the New York-based John A. Hartford Foundation to expand the availability of PACE programs for older adults. Key to that effort is helping appropriate providers develop PACE programs.

For more information on working with NPA to expand PACE, call 703-535-1517 or e-mail

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