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What is NPA

What is PACE

Developing PACE

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What is NPA?

The National PACE Association (NPA) exists to advance the efforts of Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). PACE programs coordinate and provide all needed preventive, primary, acute and long term care services so that older individuals can continue living in the community.

How NPA Supports PACE Programs

Federal Policy and Advocacy

NPA works closely with members of Congress, senior administration officials and their staff, and with state policy makers to educate and promote a reimbursement and regulatory environment that enables PACE programs to continue to provide high quality, individualized and innovative care.

NPA works in coalition with other organizations in Washington, D.C. to advocate for strengthening our health care system's ability to provide appropriate care and to support the efforts of families and friends to assist older Americans.

Educational Opportunities

NPA hosts two conferences each year, maintains several networking listservs for various professional staff within PACE sites, and produces other communications vehicles that help PACE programs learn from one another and from leading experts in the field.

PACE Expansion Initiatives

Through a three-year grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the John A. Hartford Foundation, NPA is producing resources and enhancing its capacity to assist interested providers in creating new PACE programs.

Interim Progress Report on PEI, July 2002

Benchmarking Data

NPA collects data from participating PACE sites to help them compare the provision of services and participant characteristics across PACE sites. This benchmarking data is helpful in allowing PACE site staff to continuously improve their delivery of services.

Through a grant from the Archstone and the California HealthCare Foundations, NPA is working to develop a tool for measuring the satisfaction of PACE participants with the program.

NPA has developed model accreditation criteria for PACE programs. A voluntary accreditation program is planned once programs make the transition to permanent provider status under Medicare.


NPA is committed to supporting the study of innovative and integrated models of care with the goal of improving the lives of frail older persons and others, regardless of the health care setting.

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